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Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai Massage with Baby

New customer, A-san asked me about booking.

“Hello, I’d like to book 60minutes Thai massage though, is it ok if I go with 5 months old baby?”

I’m doing Thai massage at Washitsu, Tatami room, so she can come with baby.

A-san love massage very much before she had baby, but it’s difficult now, so she had stress.
She put baby besides her, then I did Thai massage.
She could see a baby face always while she got Thai massage.

A baby cried sometimes but she brought toy for her.

A-san’s shoulder and back were so stiff as she hag baby always, so I took the stress out as much as possible.

Actually, it was first time a baby come to my room though, baby made me smile*

“My body became softer!” A-san said after Thai massage.

So, if some mom would like to get massage, come to Sue’s washitsu with baby!

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Thai Massage with staying their house

I went to Tokyo 1 week ago, and also visited Kanagawa for Thai Massage.

Usually I do Thai massage in my house, but when I go travel I visit their house.

This time I visited I-san family in Kanagawa.

They wanted to take Chiang Mai style Thai massage.
They know Bangkok style one already as they like travel like me.

There are more technique than Bangkok style, more stretch.
I like it even I do, also I want to get Chiang Mai style one.

I-san family also loved Chiang Mai style after they got my massage, yeah!

They had cute baby in their house, I felt relax feeling from him.

I-san’s wife cooked nice dinner for me, thank you!!

I had a booking in Gunma after Kanagawa, but the customer’s condition were not good, they had cold, so they canceled the booking.

I hope I will visit there some day.

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Get straight body

A regular customer came to Washitsu today.

When she came to Washitsu at first time, her body was not straight.
But her body was straight today.

She asked me “Bacause of Thai massage?”
I said “Yes, of course!”

Thai massage do many stretch with make balance, it means man’s body straight day by day.
And she did stretch by herself everyday that I told her.

When a body be straight, less fatigue, less stress, you know.

Health was not built in a day*

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Customer from Australia

As I informed, I just came back from South Korea though, I had new customer from Australia today in Washitsu.

Actually, it was first time I had foreign customer in Washitsu, as not so much western people live in Fukui.

She just came to Japan few month ago as English teacher.
She does dance for 25 years, she got to massage once a month in Australia.
She wanted someone speak English, so she found Travel Thai Masasge.

When she came into my house, she said it was first time she come in Japanese house, and excited.
And more impressed when she came into Washitsu, it’s a traditional Japanese style Tatami room.

It was first time she got Thai massage in her life, she said “It’s good for dancer, lots of stretching, very nice!”.

She got couple of my business cards for her friends too*

I’m grad she likes my Thai massage(>▽<)

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The first day of Thai massage 2015

Happy New Year!

I started Thai massage from today in 2015.
Today was heavy snow these area, but customer, couple came my place from Kanazawa, next prefecture!!

They called me once about they would arrive my place 30 minutes delay as there were car accident at high way, I worried about them but they came safely.

Actually, there are many Thai massage shop in Kanazawa, but they chose my place!

The couple made plan to travel to Thailand but they didn’t, instead of that they came to my place to get Thai massage.
They also wanted to get massage from me, like person who are traveling around the world.

Well, it was first time they got Thai massage, I gave them 10 minutes extra service as new year deal.

They sometimes get any massage, but they really liked my Thai massage!(>▽<)
They said they found good massage place, my place, I’m so glad to hear that*

I’m looking forward to meet nice customer this year too*
Thank you!

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