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Got a mattress for Thai massage

Well, I’m going to join the event Artist Village in 4th Nov as I wrote it in the Information.

But come to think of it, it’s the first time I will join such an event, so I have no idea..
I can borrow a bungalow just for Thai massage, so I thought taking futon, but it will be a little bit hard to carry…

So I finally,,,

bought mattress for Thai massage~!!!
The green color is cute isn’t it!!!

What is a good point of it?

I can fold it in six!! Easy to carry~!!!!

And more!!

I can sit down there~!!!!

So I can do just shoulder and back massage if someone just want!

I made a good buy~*

Well, I use this mattress for on event and in my place from now.
But please prepare futon or bed if I do mobile Thai massage in your house as in the past.

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