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Tangerine bath

I eat tangerine every day in the winter.

Then I keep the peels.

Put on the box and dry the peels.
The green one is the herbs that I grew.

Incidentally, the dried peels of tangerine called “Chimpi”, one of the herbal medicine.

Put the dried peels into the net.

Put the net into the bath.

When I take the bath, it smells great~!!
The water’s color also turn to slightly orange~***

The tangerine peel contains limonene, it’s good for relax and blood circulation.
Also contains citric acid, vitamin A and C for beautiful skin!

So my body kept warm, skin was be good~*

Usually, I take Rice bran bath, but I take tangerine bath almost every week in the winter!
I take Dokudami bath in the summer too.
Sometimes I take green chive bath or stevia bath.
(You can see stevia on the first picture.)

Narural bath herbs are awesome!!!

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