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Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)
Hi, I'm Sue, Japanese masseuse :)
I learnt the massage in Thailand in 2009 and doing it everywhere in the world. Mainly, I do mobile Thai massage in Echizen and Sabae area, Fukui, Japan. Sometimes I go to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo as well. But I also can go everywhere in the world.
Would you like to get my massage? Please see my profile!
Please use booking form at the first time.
You can book at least 3 days before in Japan.
About outside of Japan, please use contact form :)
Course Detail Fee
Thai massage for 60min Just for 60min, you can get massage from foot to head, like lay on your back/stomach, sitting by Northern style and Sue's original techniques. Very good deal. 6000JPY
Thai massage for 90min Add on Tok Sen(Wooden hammer massage) to 60min course. It will give you deep vibration on your deep muscle. 9000JPY
Thai massage for 120min Various techniques and Tok Sen by Northern style Thai massage. You will be very relax like in the heaven. 12000JPY

Travel Thai massage is for relaxation not for healing.
Please be sure to know I'm not a doctor.

  • You can listen music for relaxation like classic or French pops during massage.
  • I have been doing massage for from small/slender girl to big martial arts fighter in the world.
  • I do proper massage for each person using proper force. You don't feel pain by good massage.

Traditional Japanese style room.By advance booking only
☆It's buckwheat husk pillow
☆Comfortable temperature by air condition.
☆It would be much better if you take shower in your house before massage.
☆Please wear loose clothes like jersey/T-shirt. (You can change your clothes at the room if you need.)
☆It would be better no makeup for face massage.
☆It would be better no hairdressing for head massage.
☆I'm selling hand made soaps in the room.

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