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These are Thai massage school that I went.

Wandee Ancient Thai Massage School
Ms. Wandee’s school in Chiang Mai. I learnt Traditional Thai Massage.
Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center
Ms. Timmy’s school in Chiang Mai. I learnt various massage.
Sinchai Sukparsert Massage
Mr. Sinchai’s school in Chiang Mai. I learnt Therapeutic massage.
Nerve Touch Massage
Mr. Jack’s school in Chiang Mai. I learnt Advanced massage.


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Thai Massage Movie

Movie from You Tube that I chose. It’s not exactly same but similar.

Thai massage. Thai massage is called two people’s yoga, there are many stretches. By moving many muscle and joints, the body will be soft and make balance. During getting massage, you may feel sleepy as feel so good. Thus the body will be lighter 🙂

Tok Sen. Tok Sen is wooden hammer massage from Northern Thailand. It makes deep vibration to deep muscle, so it’s good for stiff muscle. It’s not pain at all, just feel good vibration. Good vibration makes good circulation.