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Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)


Sue Hi, I'm Sue, Japanese masseuse :)
Mainly, I do mobile Thai massage in Echizen and Sabae area, Fukui, Japan. Sometimes I go to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo as well. But I also can go everywhere in the world if you pay transportation cost in advance.(Except danger area.)
I learnt the massage in Thailand in 2009 and doing it everywhere in the world.(Testimonial).
I'd be very happy if you got the experience of Thai massage called best massage in the world.
How did I know Thai massage?
In 2000, it was the first travel to Bangkok by tour with my friend.
At the time, a guide took us to Thai massage shop.

It was the first time to get Thai massage though, it was awesome!!
"What is it~~!? I feel sooooo gooooood!!!"
I really impressed.

I didn't know there is such a good massage in this planet!! XD

After the time, I had a chance to go to Thailand again in 2007, so I went to Thai massage shop almost every day to get the massage.
I was so happy.
How did I find the school?
One day, when I was going massage shop, I met a Japanese girl who stayed at same hostel.

"Are you traveling by yourself?" I asked, but she said
"No, I came Bangkok to learn Thai massage"

Whaaaaaaat!!! Can you learn Thai massage~~~!?!?!?

I had never thought that I could learn Thai massage by myself.

So I asked the details, about the course and fee, but I went back to Japan as I had no time to go school at that time.

In Japan, I searched various information about the school, visa and something, I found two teacher that definitely I wanna meet intuitively.

They were Teacher Wandee and Teacher Timmy, are living in Chiang Mai.

Thus I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2009.

Graduated school/course


Wandee Ancient Thai massage (Ms. Wandee)

I learnt "Traditional Thai massage""Herb massage".
I helped her school as assistant for 2 months.

Timmy's massage Traning Center (Ms. Timmy)

I learnt "Foot massage""Herb massage""Aroma oil massage""Tok Sen""Thai yoga""Herbal product making".
I helped her school and shop as assistant for long term.

Sinchai Sukparsert Massage (Mr. Sinchai)

I learnt "Therapeutic massage".

Personal lesson (Mr. Poo)

I learnt "Chinese style foot massage".

Nerve Touch Massage (Mr. Jack)

I learnt "Advanced massage".

I have done massage for these people

  • House wife in Japan
  • Office worker in Japan
  • Civil servant in Japan
  • Student in Japan
  • Researcher in Japan
  • Company owner in Japan
  • School teacher in Japan
  • Shop manager in Japan
  • Temple master in Japan
  • Farmer in Japan
  • Artist in Japan
  • Journalist in Japan
  • TV producer in Japan
  • Massage therapist in Japan
  • Tour guide in Japan
  • Pro-boxer in Japan
  • Professional dancer in Taiwan
  • Architect designer in Taiwan
  • Student in Taiwan
  • Teacher in Taiwan
  • Student in South Korea
  • Book writer in South Korea
  • University professor Korea
  • English teacher in South Korea
  • Pilot in Hong Kong
  • Masseuse in Hong Kong
  • English teacher in Thailand
  • Martial arts trainer in Thailand
  • Martial arts fighter in Thailand
  • Local people in Thailand
  • Tourist in Thailand
  • Electronic shop owner in Thailand
  • Marine sports company owner in Malaysia
  • Restaurant owner in Malaysia
  • Bar owner in Malaysia
  • Elementary school kid in Malaysia
  • Journalist in Brunei
  • Lawyer in Cambodia
  • European tourist in Cambodia
  • Professional Soccer player in Cambodia
  • Math teacher in international school in Viet Nam
  • Insurance company worker in Viet Nam
  • Japanese tourist in Viet Nam
  • Office worker in Australia
  • Engineer in Australia
  • Nurse in Australia
  • Travel agent in Australia
  • Miner in Australia
  • Runner in Australia
  • Pilot in Australia
  • Dancer in Australia
  • Accountant in New Zealand
  • Tour guide in New Zealand
  • Tour guide in USA
  • Civil servant in USA
  • Orchestral player in USA
  • Dentist in USA
  • University vice-president in USA
  • Yoga instructor in USA
  • Masseuse in USA
  • Office worker in USA
  • Police in Italy
  • Office worker in Italy
  • Web designer in Italy
  • Hostel manager in Italy
  • City council member in Italy
  • Web designer in Mexico
  • Hotel man in Mexico
  • Dance teacher in Canada
  • Writer in Canada
  • Artist in Morocco
  • Travel agent in Morocco
  • Ad agent in Greece
  • Japanese teacher in Greece
  • Pensionist in Bulgaria
  • Consultant in Turkey
  • Photographer in Spain
  • Accountant in Spain
  • Music teacher in Spain
  • Psychiatrist in England
  • TV producer in Portugal
  • Consultant in Belgium
  • Actor in Netherlands
  • Office worker in Czech
  • Student in in Slovenia
  • Student in Croatia
  • Rock climber in Macedonia
  • International servant in Hungary
  • Consultant in Hungary
  • Pharmacist in Austria
  • Teacher in Austria
  • Student in Austria
  • Engineer in Germany
  • Student in Switzerland

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