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Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Health is the best!

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I do Thai massage for a half price at the first time for people who lives in Fukui-ken 🙂

So, I did Thai massage for Ms.T who lives in Fukui-city.

She works on welware service, she carrys heavy stuff every day and do desk work too.
She requested to me giving her massage especially back and shoulder part.

“My body is not straight, someone said…” she said.

Ok, let’s get started~!

At first, I let her lay down on her back, and saw her body.
Oh, certainly her body is not straight! 🙁

Especially lower back part…

When I started massage and pushed her upper leg, she felt pain.
But usually, it’s not painful part, so I surprised.

I let her body turn to side position, then did massage on her hip.

Come to think of it, I always feel strange feeling when I do massage to person who has big problem on their lower back.
When I push their lower back, I feel something like old rubber’s screaming…

But thay don’t feel such a feeling on their own, so it’s difficult they find it by themself.

Her shoulder part was not too bad like lower back, but still stiff enough.

Anyway, I finished 1 hour Thai massage~.

When I check her body again, her body turned to straight than before the massage 🙂

But it’s just temporary, so it will be turn back again day by day though…

So I recommend her getting Thai massage often but if she say it’s difficult, I give her some advice about stratching every day for her lower back.

The lower back is very important part as it’s in center of our body!

Actually, I do stratch to my body straight before go to bed every night.
It’s much better you make your body straignt every day.
I recommend you reader do easy stretch to make your body straight every night like me~ 🙂

By the way, what is your most important thing in your life?
Friend? Family? Job? Dream? Money?

“How about you, Sue?”

If someone aske it to me, my answer is “Health!”.

It’s the base for everything!
If I was not healty, I can’t go anywhere to travel, even if I was rich!

Eating yummy food, laughing anytime, enjoying the life!
Yeah~, I wanna stay healthy whole life long~!!

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