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Eggshell skin lotion

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I’m using Dokudami lotion every day though, it’s excellent actually!
When I started using it, after a week, I found my pore was getting small!

I wanted to write it blog but I also made other skin lotion by egg thin skin, so now I’m using dokudami and egg thin skin lothion.

Anyway, when I talked my story about it to my friend, she said she was using eggshell skin lotion for 3 years! And it was very good, many friend of her wanted to use it too.

Oh~!! Please tell me how to make it~!!

She gave me the paper of making it 😀
The name is Eggshell skin lotion.

Eggshell 2
Purified water 300ml
Citric acid 1 teaspoon
Glycerin 35ml


Prepared ingredients.


Break eggshell to powder.
…but it was difficult to powder, so I used blender.


Made powder by blender 😀


Put the powder to 200ml purified water and stir.


Filter it by coffee filter.


Added 1 teaspoon ctric acid and stir.


Prepare other 100ml purified water and add 35ml Glycerin, then stir.


Left one is 100ml purified water and 35ml glycerin.
Right one is filtered 200ml purified water with eggshell and 1 teaspoon citric acid.

Mix these 2 water and stir around few minutes.


Put the skin lotion to bottle.

Eggshell contains calcium, chondroitin sulfate and protein.
Egg thin skinn contains many collagen and hyaluronan*

It’s good for skin~*

I like hand made skin lotion~ 😀

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