Thai massage in Tokyo | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai massage in Tokyo

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I went to Tokyo for 2 weeks from 20th Nov as I informed.

Well,,, my visit plan was just a week though, I left the job as cameraman in photo studio and got new customer for Thai massage, so I was in Tokyo for 2 weeks finally 🙂

I was excited doing Thai massage in Tokyo!

T-san booked my Thai massage from Waiting list, she came from Chiba and booked hotel in Tokyo for getting Thai massage!! XD

The bed was soft a little bit though, she got 90min Thai massage with Tok-sen(Wooden hammer massage)*

I and T-san went to dinner after that.


We went to Izakaya-restaurant, I ordered this cocktail, the left one 🙂
It’s imitated Sky-tree in Tokyo!
But T-san ordered non-alcohol cocktail as after massage.

She even gave me sweets from Chiba!
Thank you T-san!!

Well,,, I also came to Tokyo for watching boxing match!!
It’s the first time I watch boxing!! Whee!!


I came Korakuen-hall for Atsushi Suzuki, pro-boxer!!
He is upper left.


Wow!! It’s pro-boxing!!!
They did really good fighting and I was excited!!

Then, after 4 days, I went to his house and did Thai massage 😀

He got injured from the match, so I did Thai massage carefully without injured point.
He said his feet became very light!
I was so happy~! XD

Next, I went to Saitama for M-san.
I did 60min Thai massage with oil a little bit 🙂

M-san working on apparel business,


so he gave me many clothes from the famous brand!!
Thank you so much!!

I did Thai massage for P-san who is English teacher, N-san who working on bank, K-san from Kanagawa, I-san who working on tourist business and etc…

I enjoyed Tokyo~, Thank you everyone!! 😀

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