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The first day of Thai massage

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Happy New Year~!
Thank you for coming this blog in this year too 😀

Today was the first day of Thai massage in this year, so I had booking from T-san family in Sabae.

There are 3 kids in T-san’s family, so they run around the house(LOL)

Anyway, I started Thai massage from Ms. T for 60 min.
Then I did Thai massage for 60 minn for Mr. T next who came back home in the evening.

Mr. T said he have traveled Bangkok several times by recreation trip from his company.
And he have tried Thai massage every time.

I guessed he knows real Thai massage, but he said “I feel pain from Thai massage”.

Whaaaaaat!?!?!? You know, Thai massage is not painful massage at all!!! 🙁

I asked about it why.
He said, he always went to Thai massage shop for Japanese, they had menu in Japanese, they expect Japanese people likes showy performances, so they do painful technique and laugh when they see the people whoes face show painful….

So he can’t be relax as he prepare to get painful massage.

No way~!!!

But also they ask tip for 100B after massage…
(It’s so silly but Japanese guidebook says we must pay tip for Thai massage, but I think we shouldn’t do that. Even if the massage was good, I pay 20B, and it’s enough.)

Anyway, he loves massage, so he go to massage shop every time when he is in Thailand.

I recommend he looks for good massage shop!!

Well, actually, it’s difficult to find good massage shop and good massage therapist even in Thailand or Japan.

I tried many massage shop when I was in Thailand.

In my opinion, they are not good massage therapist if they do painful massage.
If they had good skill, they can use proper power for body and muscle.
If they are good, we feel asleep and our body will lighter after the massage.

So, he said my massage was not painful at all and he felt relax, yeah!!!! 😀

After the massage, Ms. T cooked dinner for me!!


Home made Soba~!!!!
She made the soba noodle by herself!! Awesome!!
(Fukui is famous for soba actually ;))
It was very yummy*


Coffee and cream puff for dessert***
Yummy~~~~!! XD

Mr. T loved travel around the world when he was young.
He told the story about when he traveled Africa and South America as I have never been there!!
So I was excited!!

I enjoyed the conversation with the family.
So I stayed their house 2 hours more afterh the massage.

Thank you!

When I tried going back home, Ms. T passed me something with smile.


Wow!! She gave me home made bread, just made!!!
Thank you soooooo much!!! XD

I wonder I went there for massage or home party..?

Anyway, my first day of Thai massage in this year was so fun!

Thanks a million***

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