Thai massage in Kansai | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai massage in Kansai

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I went to Kansai area from 2nd Feb as I informed.

I did Thai massage N-san and K-san at Osaka first.
N-san is business man and had been to Nayoya.

It was second Thai massage for him from me.
He likes Thai massage actually.


He gave me sweets from Nagoya!
That’s “Uiro”, very famous sweets in Nagoya.
Thank you!!

At Kyoto, I ate Soy-milk noodle.


This is the one!!
Very yummy~!!!
Light taste and healthy!
I ate everything even the soup!

The Noodle shop name is “Mame-zen”

I did Thai massage for the owner.
He likes massage and have tried some Thai massage in Kyoto.
But he couldn’t find good massage shop.

He liked my Thai massage!!
Thus I will do Thai massage event at his shop on April!

There will Sue’s Thai massage event on Sakural-season in Kyoto~.
I will inform about the event as soon as I can!

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