Thai massage in Tokyo | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai massage in Tokyo

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I was in Tokyo from 19th Nov to 2nd Dec.

I did Thai massage for several people this time as usual 😀

O-san who lives in Kanagawa likes massage, he has taken some massage in South Korea and Hong Kong, but not Thai massage.

He was nervous at first, his body was tensed up though, changed music as his like, we talked about foreign trip, then he felt relax slowly.

He said his condition was not good these days, he asked me stretch excercise and foods, so I gave him some advice of it.

He felt his body lighter, he sent me message next day, “I did jogging yesterday bafter 9 months! ”

He even gave me message in 1 week, “I feel my body lighter day by day, I do jogging longer, even I can run faster!”.
I’m so glad to hear that XD

I hope he live healthy like that every day*

Well then I visited other couple just before I go back to Fukui.
I visited their house with big back pack, they might surprise me though 😉

He had taken Thai massage in Thailand few times, and he was owner of massage shop in Tokyo.

After my massage, he asked me working at his shop, but I didn’t take the offer.
It might good for me but I wanna do Thai massage on my own.

These days I got some offer like that from some people but I didn’t take it too, but I think it’s grateful story.

Anyway, we had some good chatting with tea and sweets, he even bought my narural handmade soaps from me 😀

I enojyed Tokyo this time too, thanks everyone***

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