The first day of Thai massage 2015 | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

The first day of Thai massage 2015

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Happy New Year!

I started Thai massage from today in 2015.
Today was heavy snow these area, but customer, couple came my place from Kanazawa, next prefecture!!

They called me once about they would arrive my place 30 minutes delay as there were car accident at high way, I worried about them but they came safely.

Actually, there are many Thai massage shop in Kanazawa, but they chose my place!

The couple made plan to travel to Thailand but they didn’t, instead of that they came to my place to get Thai massage.
They also wanted to get massage from me, like person who are traveling around the world.

Well, it was first time they got Thai massage, I gave them 10 minutes extra service as new year deal.

They sometimes get any massage, but they really liked my Thai massage!(>▽<)
They said they found good massage place, my place, I’m so glad to hear that*

I’m looking forward to meet nice customer this year too*
Thank you!

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