Thai Massage with staying their house | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai Massage with staying their house

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I went to Tokyo 1 week ago, and also visited Kanagawa for Thai Massage.

Usually I do Thai massage in my house, but when I go travel I visit their house.

This time I visited I-san family in Kanagawa.

They wanted to take Chiang Mai style Thai massage.
They know Bangkok style one already as they like travel like me.

There are more technique than Bangkok style, more stretch.
I like it even I do, also I want to get Chiang Mai style one.

I-san family also loved Chiang Mai style after they got my massage, yeah!

They had cute baby in their house, I felt relax feeling from him.


I-san’s wife cooked nice dinner for me, thank you!!

I had a booking in Gunma after Kanagawa, but the customer’s condition were not good, they had cold, so they canceled the booking.

I hope I will visit there some day.

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