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Eco cloth pad

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I present my hand made soap for Thai massage client now 🙂

So I gave the Dokudami soap to Y-san in Sabae-city after massage.

“This is my hand made soap, please try it :)”
“Wow, hand made? I make something too!”
“Oh, do you!?”
“I don’t make soap but I make foundation”

Wow! She makes foundation!?!?
I make skin lotion and soap but haven’t tried foundation yet.

“Sounds great!! Can I see the ingredients!?”

She showed the ingredients in the box.

“Wow~, these are the ingredients~…”

What? There is Grapefruit Seed Extract(GSE) that I wrote it past blog!

I didn’t expect someone has GSE here!!

But she didn’t know she can drink it, so I told her about GSE’s effect 🙂

Then we talked about hand made and health story, she told me she made many Eco cloth pad and present it to her friends.

Well, cloth pad is for period.
Many woman buy paper pad from super market, you know.
It’s disposable but cloth pad is not so.
Eco friendly and economical too.

She bought 50m’s flannel cloth and made many cloth pads, then present it to her friends.
Wow!! She is like distributor!!(LOL)

She also dyed the pad by onion’s skin.
Sounds interesting!
Actually, I use cloth pad too, so interesting!

“Well, please give me the pads!!”
“Ok~! I made a lot! I can’t use all in my lifetime(LOL)”


She gave these to me!
Eco cloth pad, 2 pair of small, middle and large.

Thank you so much~!!!!
Actually, I use disposable pad when I travel though, I use eco pad in home 😀
I love Eco~ XD

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