Thai massage 90min | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai massage 90min

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I did Thai massage for 90min in Osaka in K-san’s house.

K-san is always sitting in front of computer, she said she feels her lower body very heavy.
She feels her lower body is getting fat, so she requested me her lower body lighter and face smaller.
Ok, I understood, I do 90min Thai massage and think about lymphatic massage too!

I turned on Japanese instrumental bamboo flute music, then started thai massage.
Wow! Her lower body is very stiff!!
I know how she feels…

She is sitting down whole day in same style, I guess it press her lympha node.

Then I finished 90min Thai massage~.

“Oh…my feets went somewhere…!!” she said.

She felt her lower body very light, I’m glad to hear that! 😀

Then she standed in front of mirror and said, “My legs are thinner!! Wow, my face is smaller and eyes is bigger!?”

She was impressed by my massage XD

I should have taken her photo before massage..!

Well, I go to Osaka sometimes but not so often.
I guessed K-san’s lower body problem come from her sitting style whole day.

“But what should I do?” she asked me.

Please try sometimes your toe up and down even you are sitting.
And walking is good for you too.

I gave her some advice 🙂

…Well,,,, I should do leg massage on my own and make my legs thinner!!

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