Waist -5cm | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Waist -5cm

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Someone call me.
It was from A-san who got my Thai massage twice.

“Hey! I took health checks in company though, my waist was 5cm smaller than before!!
Is this because of Thai massage!?!?”

Whaaaaat!! I’m not sure…
Wasn’t there anything else you lost your waist size??

“I didn’t do anything else but Thai massage…!
Actually, I got lymphatic massage at other place before and I noticed I lost my size, but this time I just got Thai massage twice from you. So I wanna know that it’s because of Thai massage or not.”

Hummmm,,, I’m sure your body circulation was be better, made good balance from Thai massage.
But I’m not sure that your waist lost 5cm just from Thai massage…?

“Ok, I understood. Thank you~”

Well,,,, should I check customer’s body size before doing Thai massage?(LOL)

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