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Useful signboard!

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I got a Thai massage booking in my place 3 days ago and I was waiting customer at entrance.
Then she got there exactly 10 minutes before the booking.

“Hello~! Welcome~!”
“Hi! Have you read the e-mail that I sent it just before?”
“What!? Sorry,,, I have not…”
“Well, it’s ok now. As I lost your address and phone number, so I had no idea I could get here~”

Ooooops!! I should have checked e-mail at the last minute!!

“But I guessed the place and looked around, then I found the signboard!”

Oh~!!! What a useful signboard!!! XD

Then next customer came to my place easily too by signboard*
(Actually, I have waited customers at the entrance before.)

It was good I ordered the signboard even it was a week ago!
Yeah, my place is getting better day by day 😀

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