Thai Massage in Taiwan | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai Massage in Taiwan

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I went to Taiwan from 28th Feb to 19th Mar as I informed at Information.

I did Thai massage for some people as usual!
For I-san who works in Taipei as teacher, professional dancer Lucas who works in Taiwan and France, student Daidai and Paul in Taipei.

Daidai can’t sleep well everyday but she felt asleep deeply after she got my Thai massage!
Yatta-!! XD

This is the impression from Daidai*

Paul in Taipei, he goes some kind of massage few times a month, but he was thinking Thai massage is sore massage.
As he felt sore next day after got Thai massage every time…
But I could change his mind!! 😀
(Well,, I think if you felt pain from Thai massage, the masseuse had not good skill.)

This is the impression from Paul*
You can read what he wrote in Voice.

I’m glad he expressed my massage was like water, like a piece of symphoney***

Well, this time Xiao Yeh and Ming invited me to their house for teaching Thai massage in Taichung!

They wanted to lean Thai massage long time and found me in internet!

You know, I have experience as Thai massage teacher in Thailand when I was a assistant of my school.

Ming had big body points poster in his room, when I push some points, he pointed it like “Oh! This point is for that, right? You know it!”.
It was good learning for me too 🙂

Taiwan is famous for foot reflexology, but I’m glad Taiwanese people liked my Thai massage***

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