Thai massage in Kyoto | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai massage in Kyoto

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I did Thai massage event from 15th April for 3 days at Mamezen in Kyoto as I informed.


Mamezen, famous for fantastic soy milk noodle, temporaly closed past 2 weeks for renovating.Then opened the restaurant with event room on second floor from 15th, so I did Thai massage event for the first event!

Some guest came to get my Thai massage, and they liked it 🙂


Mamezen let me put my hand made soaps on the restaurant.
I also try to sell green bean’s powder from Taiwan.
Actually, I’m using this powder for face pack every 2 days though, it’s fantastic!
If you are interested in it, go to Mamezen! 😉


I put my postcards and sticker too.
Many mothers with their baby come to Mamezen, so it’s good place to put it.
When I put it, owner’s kids bought it! Thank you!!

Mamezen reopened the restaurant and changed some menu, but they didn’t have new menu yet.
So I helped them.
There is bamboo room in Mamezen, so I used the bamboo design on it.


In Japanese.


In English.

Isn’t it cool?
Actually, many foreign people come to Mamezen to eat fantastic soy milk noodle!

I heled taking photos for the new menu too.


New menu: Combo(Soy milk noodle, Sesami Tofu, Yuba and Ice cream) for 2500yen

It’s owner’s special, it’s great!!
When you had a chance to come to Kyoto, don’t miss it!!

Well, I will visit Mamezen sometimes, so if you try my Thai massage, come to Mamezen too 😀

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