Thai massage in Tokyo | 旅するタイ式マッサージ
Sorry but I don’t accept unacquainted male.(Couple or family is acceptable.)

Thai massage in Tokyo

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I was in Tokyo from 26th July for 3 weeks.

I did Thai massage for some people in Tokyo!

I write the story about some customer.

Customer R-san, she came from Gunma!!
I surprised she lives in Gunma.
I could go to Gunma but she came to Tokyo just for my Thai massage!!
Thanks R-san!!

She also works on massage for few years, and she started Thai massage these days.

But she said my Thai massage was different from her.
She learnt Thai massage from her company, but it seems it’s hard style.
She thought Thai massage is hard and painful…!?
She impressed about my Thai massage as it’s so comfortable, not painful at all.

Actually, Thai massage may be very different if you tried several Thai massage.
I hope you won’t get wrong one…

Anyway, R-san said my Thai massage changed her mind.
I was glad to hear that!!

Well, next story.

T-san called me for his travel with mother to Hakone for 2 nights 3 days.
He prepared my room too!!


This is the single room for me~, thank you so much!!

They have visited this hotel many times, the breakfast was fresh bread*

We enjoyed hot spring, then I did Thai massage every night.

They traveled around Hakone with me, I enjoyed the travel for 3 days very much!!



T-san, thank you for taking me***

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